Preventive Systems Monitoring

Preventive healthcare for your computer system

What is Preventive Systems Monitoring (PSM)?

Preventive Systems Monitoring is a suite of enterprise-class sensors that are deployed onto a computer network that collect data vital to the health of your computer system.

Data such as temperatures, component utilization, security updates and data backup integrity are monitored to ensure they are well-within normal operational ranges. If a sensor goes outside of the normal operating range, our staff at RTSolutions is notified immediately and an investigative process begins to determine the root of the issue and its appropriate solution.

Essentially, PSM is a system put in place to ensure your computer system stays in top shape and your data stays safe.

How can your company benefit from PSM?

Less Downtime

The monitoring of essential components within your computer network allows for detection of problems before they worsen and lead to costly downtime. If the problem is caught early, little to no downtime is expected saving your company a great deal of time and substantial repairs.

Keeps Your Data Safe

By monitoring data storage and backup systems, problems such as hard disk failure can be easily detected and appropriate actions taken before a complete loss of data occurs.

Prevents Potential Disasters

Monitoring your system can prevent potential disasters such as a critical failure of a server or other central devices leading to hours and possibly even days of downtime.

Save On Costly Repairs

Monitoring your system can help prevent potential problems or stop them from getting worse, saving you the cost of expensive repairs.

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How it works

Your computer system is fitted with a variety of sensors. These sensors will gather vital information such as CPU temperature, remaining hard disk space or when your data was last backed up. This information is then sent to our monitoring server where it is analyzed on a 24/7 basis. With this data we can determine the health of your overall system as well as the individual components of your computer system.

Below outlines the steps taken from initial sensor readings to final resolution if an anomaly is detected:

  1. Our system constantly monitors sensor data to ensure the values are within proper operational range.
  2. If a sensor goes outside of the normal operational range, our staff will be notified immediately. Once we are notified, an investigative process will promptly begin to determine the cause and potential problems that could be arising.
  3. After the cause has been identified, the client is contacted to discuss the next steps in resolving the issue before it potentially worsens. Once a solution is agreed upon, implementation begins to ensure a smooth recovery.

System Vitals

Monitoring of essential vitals that keep your computer system running such as temperature, fan speed, and hard disk health.


Monitoring of critical security vectors such as latest operating system and anti-virus updates as well as active vulnerability scanning to ensure your system is secure from unwanted intruders.

Data Backup

Monitoring of your installed data backup system to ensure your data is being safely backed up each day.



These sensors will monitor a variety of components such as CPU, RAM, and hard disks ensuring their temperatures are well within normal operating range.


Complementing the temperature sensors these sensors will monitor your cooling systems to ensure your devices are being properly cooled.

Hard Disk Health

Monitoring of essential hard disk vitals such as RAID integrity or S.M.A.R.T. status.

Resource Utilization

A system running at it's max will not allow for critical functions to operate smoothly causing a slow and sluggish environment. By monitoring the CPU (processor) and RAM (memory) utilization we can for see potential bottle necks and slow downs.

UPS Status

Monitoring of your UPS (uninterruptible power supply or backup power supply) to ensure various systems such as line voltage, battery health, and temperature are all within normal operating parameters.

Latest Security Updates

It is essential to have the latest security updates for your operating systems and embedded systems to ensure up to date protection from potential security holes. This monitor will check to make sure the latest updates are applied.

Up to Date Anti-Virus

In today's world having the latest security updates isn't enough. It is also key that your anti-virus and anti-malware protection systems are up to date with the latest definitions. This monitor will check to make sure your anti-virus and anti-malware systems are up to date.

Scheduled Security Auditing

This monitor can periodically check your system using the latest vulnerability database to make sure no security compromising changes have taken place within your network.

Storage Space

This sensor monitors available storage space on your hard disks ensuring you have enough free space to store important backups or valuable data.

Integrity of Backups

This sensor checks to make sure backups are completing and are passing data integrity checks. This sensor will ensure your backups are 100% complete and ready if a future restore is required.

Ready to take the next step in safe guarding your system?

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