About Us

A reliable and honest team of IT professionals that believe in doing it right the first time

Since our inception in 2011, the primary focus of RTSolutions has been serving small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for a reliable and honest team of IT professionals that are available when needed most.

‌Our technicians are available to assist clients with the design and implementation of new computer systems as well as upgrading existing computer systems to bring them up to modern standards.

Our Values


We feel honesty is key in providing a solution that you won't regret. If something isn't going to work out or a better solution exists we will let you know and provide reasoning as to why. We will never force you into buying or implementing something you don't need.


One thing that is repeated over and over from new clients is how their old IT company was unreliable. Our aim at RTSolutions is to be there when you need quality IT service or support. Whether it's on site or remote support we strive to answer your calls, emails and even texts in a timely manor.


Being able to use reason and rational to make decisions is a core part of our philosophy. It's even in our name! We base our knowledge and decisions on fact and concrete information. As a client of RTSolutions you can take comfort in knowing you are getting a well thought out solution based on facts.


A driving factor in our problem solving is our commitment to finding the right solution for you. We are determined (and maybe at times too determined) to find the answer or solution you need. Every problem is a challenge to us and so applying the motto  - nothing is impossible - we strive to conquer the challenge set before us.

Serving Windsor - Essex For Over 12 Years

More About Us

Friendly and reliable with a do it right attitude

By focusing on small to medium-sized businesses we are able to offer a more personal one-on-one service.

We believe in doing it right the first time. Our friendly staff will work with you to find, plan, organize and implement the right solution once, allowing you to move forward in less time and have confidence in your computer system. 

Providing high quality, cost-effective solutions for our clients based on their specific needs is our number one priority.

A core belief at RTSolutions is that an educated client is a happy client, and that technology should work for you rather than against you.

‌We are committed to explore all possible methods for solving a problem with a breakdown of the costs associated with each approach and an explanation as to why a particular option is recommended. Our clients can then make an informed decision depending on whether or not they intend to move forward and how long before they decide on upgrading. This method allows us to offer solutions that are catered to the specific needs of our clients.

Not your typical IT firm

RTSolutions takes priority in properly training staff while creating a secure, efficient network. They've provided a painless transition to an EMR system that has saved me countless hours in my medical practice.

Dr. Rajen Chetty


Kyle has a fantastic response time and often deals with unexpected computer issues with same day service!

Dr. Amit Bagga